Fortune's Solace
Based in Bellevue, Washington

Founding date:
December 1, 2013


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World's Hardest Platformer 2

5793 176th PL SE
Bellevue, Washington

+1 (425) 283 9016


Fortune’s Solace is an independent game studio founded by Kenneth Wang and based in Bellevue, Washington.


Early history

Fortune's Solace was founded in late 2013 with the single goal of creating outstanding and quality games. We believe that by delivering exceptional games that focus on the user experience, players will be fully immersed every time they play. The Fortune’s Solace Development Team consists of avid gamers who have a passion for game design and development. Despite being a small studio, our ambitious and highly-skilled developers strive to create premium products that can be enjoyed by a global audience.

World's Hardest Platformer

World's Hardest Platformer is Fortune's Solace's first published and released game, on the Play store. Despite having little marketing, World's Hardest Platformer received tremendous success. It quickly soared up in downloads to the ranks of tens of thousands and received hundreds of positive reviews. The initial idea for World's Hardest Platformer was to create a niche "Kaizo Mario" like game on the mobile platform. The game would be completely fair, and how well the players did would depend on their skill and reaction. Although we were worried at first that the game was too frustrating or hard, our playtesters reported that the game was very addicting and full of fun.

World's Hardest Platformer 2

World's Hardest Platformer was our first 2D platformer game, and as such, we had little experience. We believed that we made many game design mistakes, and realized that if we could go back in time and re-do the game, it could be so much better. And World's Hardest Platformer 2 was born. World's Hardest Platformer 2 was designed to be the perfect mobile platformer experience. Building onto the original idea of "challenge is fun", we added a myriad of new features and levels, as well as a full in-game level editor. It was released for iOS on the App Store and for Android on Google Play in May 2014.



World's Hardest Platformer 2 - Official Game Trailer YouTube


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